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Simplify your agile project management communication

Effortlessly connect to Linear, automate reports and enhance transparency for clients

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What is the Cycle Report?

Cycle Report allows you and your clients to work flexibly and stay transparent in every step of the process.

Effortless Connection

Cycle Report connects to Linear in just one click, allowing for automatic synchronization of data and immediate use after initial setup.

Automated reporting

Cycle Report eliminates the need for manual reports and makes it easy for non-technical stakeholders to understand agile processes.

Enhanced transparency

Clients can access all relevant cycle information at any time, improving communication and accountability in the design and development process.

All information at a glance

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With Cycle Report you can work however you want. No matter if you prefer to work project based or to have all reports in an overview, there is a way for every user.

Technical Details

Cycle Report is all about making manual processes simple and easy to understand for everyone. Once connected with Linear, it synchronizes all relevant data, including information about teams, projects, and sprints, with a database in your workspace.

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Why use Cycle Report next to Linear?

Web-app designed as extension to Linear
Effortless setup process
Automates report-making process
Easy and intuitive to understand and use
Connects seamlessly to Linear
Hastens design and development processes
Accessible information an any time
Clear communication with stakeholders

Sign your way to agile success

Cycle Report's Sign-Off feature allows teams to get official approval from customers or key stakeholders with 2-factor verification via text message. Not only does it provide a verifiable record of the approved backlog, but it also creates a snapshot of the backlog at the time of signing for easy tracking of any changes.

Prepare password protected reports

Send the reports to your client via link

Clients can view real life changes in the scope

Weekly updates will be sent out to them via email

Easy report signing via SMS-confirmation

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